About the Author

SHARON was catapulted into a world of self-discovery and healing following a life changing event in 2000. Since then Sharon has trained and certified to become an Energy Practitioner and Transformational Life Coach. She works with clients who are stuck in life challenges including physical, mental, emotional or spirtiual in nature.

Sharon has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology/Sociology and she is trained and certified in a number of different energy and healing modalities including the Emotion and Body Code Systems, Reflexology, Acupressure, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Psych-K and Integrated Energy Therapy.

Sharon uses her research and training coupled with personal and client experiences to navigate the reader through the process of reconnecting with their purpose and passions in life. Sharon’s invitation to her readers is to heal the wounds of their heart so they can reconnect to their inner genius and start down the path to living their best life