This caption is so true.  In my book Take a Breath, happy was the state of being I was seeking on my journey to reconnect with the parts of  me that had faded in my life. 

when I began my healing journey, I had difficulty remembering the memories of the good things in my life as I had held on too tightly to the painful ones” – Sharon Deugo

What I discovered, and share in the book, is that each moment of our life is meant to flow like the water in a river from its source to its final destination.  The source of the water provides a space for the water to seek its path as it flows outward and moves in the direction that it is destined to follow.  Obstacles along the path can be overcome by moving around, through and over what ever appears to create resistance as it flows towards its destination.

Being happy is like the source of a river. It is a state of being, it is source energy.  Happy can be your source energy if you choose it.  It will create the flow of life which will take you down a path the seeks what is like it.  If you choose happy as your source you are also choosing your destination.  The path in between will have its obstacles, however, knowing the path you are on will give you the power, strength, and creativity to move around, through and over whatever is taking you off your path to happy.  

Each obstacle is an opportunity to pause, assess, decide and move on.  What makes us mad, glad, sad, angry, frustrated, hurt, betrayed, abandoned, jealous, sick and tired can all be minor obstacles on our journey to our final destination of a happy life.  To grieve over the loss of a loved one, a job or stormy weather is natural, normal and expected.  However holding on to the sadness will stop the flow of your life and your ability to reach your destination.  

Make happy your source and then do your inner work to discover the parts of you that went missing when you got stuck on your path to living your best life.  If you need a little guidance to support the journey please connect at www.sharondeugo.com.  Simply take a breath and begin living your best life. 

Blessings and be happy.

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