“The most profound opportunities to learn come to us in the midst of turmoil and struggle”

This quote is from my soon to be published book, “Take a Breath, The Path to Living Your Best Life”…https://sharondeugo.com/

Covid-19 became real in Canada in February of 2020 and it is almost 20 years ago, to the day when in 2000, I was catapulted into the scariest and most challenging life event that I could have imagined. My husband was laying in a hospital bed and I was told that the uncertainty of his condition meant that I should prepare myself and my family for the worst.  

It was in the depths of this overwhelming situation that I found myself experiencing the most profound shift in my consciousness. I found strength and courage that I did not know I possessed. I discovered the power of connecting to my heart and to the love of family, friends and community to guide me when I needed it the most. I witnessed the strength of the human spirit as my husband responded to treatments and timelines guided by his “will “ to live.  “Take a Breath”, is the story of how this connection was made possible and how it is within all of us to discover.

Now, 20 years later, I, my family, my friends, my community, and my world are collectively experiencing the scariest and most challenging event in our life-time. I do not believe in coincidences or accidents in life. I believe that we are always right where we are supposed to be on the pendulum of learning, teaching, experiencing and moving through life. The fact that we are all in this together makes this moment in our life time an opportunity to see what we are made of and what we each have to learn about our “self” as we react to this crisis.

As we follow social/physical distancing guidelines of our Government and health organizations to prevent the spread of this virus, it will give all of us time to contemplate our life from a different vantage point. It was Marianne Williamson who said, “This is a time we can’t go wide, but we can go deep”.  This is our time to go into self-reflection, care and love.

I, for one, am blown away by the synchronicity and timing of this challenge in relation to the content of my book and it being published now. When I finished writing it last year I was not certain whether I would publish it. I shared it with my family and they encouraged me to look into publishing it for a larger audience.  My 93 year old father was the one that was the most insistent. He said “there is an important message in this book. If an old guy like me can learn something new and think differently than there will be more people out there, with a lot longer life to live than me. If they can benefit from your message than you need to publish it.”

His words meant the world to me, so in January I reached out to a Canadian self-publishing company, Tellwell, and with their incredible team of professionals I will have a book to share in the next month with a message that will hopefully guide people through this time of challenge. Is it a coincidence?  You know that I do not believe in coincidences.  However, I do believe there is definitely something  in the ethers that is guiding us all to do our part in bringing healing and wholeness to the world we live in.  I can’t help but think that this book and its content was divinely guided by the unseen forces that knew exactly when and how it should manifest.  I am grateful to have had the guidance in the last 20 years to do the work and stay the course.

I send love, light and blessings to those that are open to receive it and pray daily for the healing of our planet and world as this crisis moves us forward on the path of living our best life.

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